Stupid simple S3 API CLI. All it let’s you do is run any S3 API. You can pass files as well as input which are resolved automatically.


Wanted to run put-bucket-policy on NooBaa endpoint and aws s3api just won’t do it. Lookedup other alternatives and none of them satisfied the needs, so here it is.


$ s3cli api --help
Run any S3 API

  s3cli api [flags]


# Basic usage
s3cli api --endpoint http://localhost:9000 --access-key noobaa --secret-key noobaa123 --params '{"Bucket": "test"}' ListObjects

# File Params example - --file-params are merged with --params after file data expanstion
s3cli api --endpoint http://localhost:9000 --access-key noobaa --secret-key noobaa123 --params '{"Bucket": "test"}' --file-params '{ "Policy": "./policy.json" }'  PutBucketPolicy

# Anonymous usage
s3cli api --endpoint http://localhost:9000 --anon --params '{"Bucket": "test"}' ListObjects

      --access-key string    S3 access key
      --anon                 S3 anonymous
      --debug                S3 debug
      --endpoint string      S3 endpoint
      --file-params string   S3 api file params as JSON - gets merged with params after file resolution (default "{}")
  -h, --help                 help for api
  -o, --output string        Output format, one of: [raw color json] (default "json")
      --params string        S3 api params as JSON (default "{}")
      --region string        S3 region (default "us-east-1")
      --secret-key string    S3 secret key
      --skip-ssl             S3 skip ssl


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