Christmas Countdown RPC


A super simple program to add a Christmas Countdown to your Discord status.


All you need is a single (very small) executable file which can be run directly in your Downloads folder.

📉 Resource usage

Here it is using just 0.7MB (0.0007GB):


  1. Download ChristmasCountdownRPC.exe.

    ⚠️ Your browser will probably give you a warning when you try to download it and Windows will try to stop you from running it. In both cases you can click “Keep” or “Run anyway”. It’s not a virus, as you can see in main.go.

  2. Optionally, make it run at startup


  1. Download the build for your system from the releases page.
  2. Optionally, make it run at startup (Ubuntu guide)


Small profile

Large profile, cropped


The buttons don’t work

The buttons work for other people, but Discord doesn’t let you click your own buttons.

I can’t run it

If double-clicking the file on Windows does not work, try opening Command Prompt and then type the file location (e.g. Downloads/cc-rpc-win-amd64.exe) followed by the enter key.

On Linux, you may need to right-click on the file, go to Properties, Permissions, and then allow execution as a program.

It crashes

Make sure you have the Discord desktop app installed and it is running. Discord must be started first.



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