Go Filter Bot


A Simple Yet Superfast Filter Bot Written In Go Inspired By Unlimimted-Filter-Bot with global filter support.


  • |- /start Shows a start message [Group/DM]
  • |- /about Shows an about message [Group/DM]
  • |- /help Shows a help message [Group/DM]
  • |- /filter Create a new filter for a word or phrase [Group/Connected DM]
  • |- /stop Stop an existing filter [Group/Connected DM]
  • |- /filters View all the filters saved for a chat [Group/Connected DM]
  • |- /gfilter Create a new global filter that will work in all chats [Admin DM]
  • |- /gfilters View all the saved global filters [All]
  • |- /filter Create a new filter for a word or phrase [Group/Connected DM]
  • |- /broadcast Broadcast a message to all bot users [Owner DM]
  • |- /concast Broadcast a message to connected users [Owner DM]


  • BOT_TOKEN : Bot token obtained by creating a bot from @BotFather.
  • MONGODB_URI : MongoDB URI. Get this value from mongoDB. For more help watch this video.
  • ADMINS : Telegram user ids’ of bot admins seperated by spaces.


Deploy To Heroku


Run Locally/VPS

You must have the latest version of go installed first

git clone https://github.com/Jisin0/Go-Filter-Bot
cd Go-Filter-Bot
go build .


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GNU Affero General Public License 2.0 Licensed under GNU AGPL 2.0. Selling The Codes To Other People For Money Is Strictly Prohibited.

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