A Telegram bot, made by a very amature code hobbyist, for storing data about custom Android ROMs in single-file database.

Botone saves ROM entries in an XML file in the following format:

            <name>unique name with no spaces</name>


Launch the executable via the Command Prompt or a terminal emulator; insert the flag -d to enable debugging features.

  • Use the add command to add a new entry to the database, directly, with the arguments being name, version, maintainer, download, link, last updated and finally discontinued boolean, respectively; remember to keep the name field unique with no sapces as it is the main method for identification.


add arrow 11 @maintainer https://.. 11/11/2021 false
  • Use the get command to either aquire a single entry with a matching or multiple using filters with the keyword where or with.


get arrow

Or alternatively

get where version=10 discontinued=true
  • Use the remove command to remove entries followed by the names of the entries.


    remove arrow aicp lineage xdroid
  • Use the update command to partially or completely update an entry; You can enter the new info with same order as mentioned earlier, or you can type the name of an entry followed by the with keyword to update a particular field.


update arrow with version=12.1 discontinued=false

Or alternatively

update arrow 12.1 @maintainer https://.. 12/12/2021 false
  • Use the command exit to shutdown the program.

Other notes

Requires a configuration file with the name “botone_config.json” right next to the executable.




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