A Telegram bot that asks you a question and evaluate the response you provide.

Thanks to the labse_bert model, the evaluation of the answer is multilingual, so you can write the answer in your language and it will be checked correctly.

Bot question example

Download of model

In this repository there are some precompiled versions of the hugging face importer tool provided by spaGO,
you can compile it using the instructions of original repository.
The total folder size will be around 5GB, but you can delete the pytorch_model.bin file to save 1.8GB with no problem.

Download model using Windows

cd folderOfPiSquared
hf-importer-win64 --repo=models --model=pvl/labse_bert

Download model using Linux

cd folderOfPiSquared
chmod +x hf-importer-linux64
./hf-importer-linux64 --repo=models --model=pvl/labse_bert

Issues with Windows 11

I tested it using Windows and spago says that the OS doesn’t support read only files.
I didn’t find the solution so if you know how to resolve it, please open an issue.


Rename .env.example to .env

Fill the required fields:

  • BOT_TOKEN is the Telegram token obtained by BotFather
  • QUESTIONS_FILE is the file that contains the questions and the answers for each subject
  • SQLITE_DB is the SQLITE database file, and can be a path to a file or file::memory:?cache=shared for a temporary in memory database
  • MODEL_FOLDER is the folder that contains the NPL model to check the answers

Build this bot

Download Go compiler using a package manager (apt, snap, ecc) or from the Go website.
Then use this command in the project folder to compile without debug symbols and save space:

go build -ldflags "-s -w"

An executable file will be built and the settings are in the .env file.


  • SpaGO, the ML/NPL library that processes the user answer
  • Gophercon SpaGO examples, that provides some useful examples to use SpaGO
  • Telebot, a bot framework that this project use to connect with Telegram
  • Gorm, an ORM that abstracts SQL queries using Go data types


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