A bot useful to download Video or Audio From Youtube.
Send a youtube url, select a format (mp3 or .mpeg) and you’ll receive it.

Getting Started


  • First of all you need a telegram bot api-key. (https://core.telegram.org/bots)
  • Docker installed If you want use the docker image
  • docker-compose installed if you want to use the compose file provided
  • ffmpeg installed if you want run the compiled Go binary

Run Docker

If you want to generate the docker image I provide a little script to run.
You have to change the script and insert your api-key (maybe is better if is an env variable)


Now you can start the image with:

docker run yt-telegram-bot

Or with compose file:

docker-compose up .

If you want the container run in detached mode add -d flag.

Run Binary

Build the binary on your own:

go build -o yt-telegram-bot

Then run it:



Thanks to these libraries, they simplified my worklow:


distributed under MIT.


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