A basic template that allows you to develop a Wails application using Mint Lang, a Crystal-powered programming language designed specifically for creating SPAs.

Live Development

To run in live development mode, run wails dev. This will invoke mint start behind the scenes.

Your application will appear in a window but if you prefer to use a browser, you can navigate to http://localhost:34115.

The Mint server runs on http://localhost:3000 but it won’t be able to talk to your Go backend unless you use the address above.

Initially, you may get an error about frontend/dist not being found. Run wails build once to generate it and you should be good to go.


To build a redistributable, production mode package, use wails build.


Unfortunately I don’t know very much about Mint. I came across it recently and thought it would be interesting test to make a Wails template.

My intention is to replace the stock Mint start screen with a recreation of the Wails screen to demonstrate how to use Mint with Wails.

Javascript Interoperability is supposed so it’s possible in theory to use Mint with the Wails runtime but I haven’t got a working example just yet.

With that said, use this template at your own risk and don’t assume anything works until proven.