Goyave Template

A template project to get started with the Goyave framework.

Getting Started


  • Go 1.13+
  • Go modules

Running the project

First, make your own configuration for your local environment. You can copy config.example.json to config.json.

Run go run main.go in your project’s directory to start the server, then try to request the hello route.

$ curl http://localhost:8080/hello

There is also an echo route, with a basic body validation.

$ curl -H "Content-Type: application/json" -X POST -d '{"text":"abc 123"}' http://localhost:8080/echo
abc 123

Learning Goyave

The Goyave framework has an extensive documentation covering in-depth subjects and teaching you how to run a project using Goyave from setup to deployment.

Read the documentation



Thank you for considering contributing to the Goyave framework! You can find the contribution guide in the documentation.

I have many ideas for the future of Goyave. I would be infinitely grateful to whoever want to support me and let me continue working on Goyave and making it better and better.

You can support me on Github Sponsor or Patreon.

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The Goyave framework is MIT Licensed. Copyright © 2019 Jérémy LAMBERT (SystemGlitch)