Learn how to use Vim in its natural environment, the Terminal!


VimMan is terminal program that’s a semi editor and a semi game. The purpose of VimMan is to teach people how to use vim and have fun at the same time!


git clone && cd vim-man

go run cmd/console/vimman.go

to start from a specific level;

LEVEL=2 go run cmd/console/vimman.go


Level – 1 – Basic movement in Normal Mode

Level – 2 – How to exit Vim

Level – 3 – Basic text editing

Level – 4 – Vimberman!


  • Add missing levels
    • File save
    • Deletion commands level (dw, d$ vs)
    • Operators and motions
    • Using count
    • Operating on lines
    • Undo & redo
    • Put, replace, change operators
    • Search & substitute
    • Accessing Shell
    • Tabs
  • Handle edge cases in some levels
    • level 3