a thin wraper of uber-go/zap logger for personal project

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0. thanks uber-go/zap

Blazing fast, structured, leveled logging in Go.

—- uber-go/zap

this thin wrapper of uber-go/zap

chinese readme here 中文说明

1. feature

  • Import from github.com/rs/zerolog/diode Support many-to-one caching to enhance log file write performance
  • Add gopkg.in/natefinch/lumberjack.v2 for split log file by file size
  • Add github.com/lestrrat-go/file-rotatelogs for split log file  every day
  • Support github.com/jackc/pgx/v4 log 
  • Support fasthttp log 
  • setup default log storage path, log file name….
  • debug option that logs to STDOUT 
  • add global log level setting

2. example

in linux os macOS

go source code in ./example-test/main.go

package main

import (


func main() {

		log := logger.New(logger.WithStoreInDay(),
    defer log.Sync()

    log.Info("info logging enabled 1")
    log.Debug("------------------------------------ 2")
    log.Warn(`logger.SetLevel(zap.ErrorLevel) 3`)
    log.Info("info logging disabled aaaaaaaaaa 4")
    log.Debug("info logging disabled aaaaaaa 5")
    log.Error("info logging disabled aaaaaaaaa 6")
    log.Warn("info logging disabled aaaaaaaa 7")

    log.Info("info logging disabled 8")
    log.Debug("info logging disabled 9")
    log.Error("info logging disabled 10")
    log.Warn("info logging disabled 11")
    log.Error("------------------------------------ 12")
    log.Info(`	logger.SetLevel(zap.DebugLevel) 13`)



build and runing

 /home/go/bin   ./example-test                      
2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800	INFO	[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:21	info logging enabled 1
2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800	DEBUG	[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:11	------------------------------------ 2
2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800	WARN	[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:31	logger.SetLevel(zap.ErrorLevel) 3
2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800	INFO	[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:21	info logging disabled aaaaaaaaaa 4
2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800	DEBUG	[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:11	info logging disabled aaaaaaa 5
2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800	ERROR	[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:51	info logging disabled aaaaaaaaa 6
2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800	WARN	[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:31	info logging disabled aaaaaaaa 7
2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800	ERROR	[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:51	info logging disabled 10
2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800	ERROR	[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:51	------------------------------------ 12
/home/go/bin   cat ./log/example-test-2019-11-10-23.log 
{"level":"info","ts":"2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800","caller":"[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:21","msg":"info logging enabled 1"}
{"level":"debug","ts":"2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800","caller":"[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:11","msg":"------------------------------------ 2"}
{"level":"warn","ts":"2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800","caller":"[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:31","msg":"logger.SetLevel(zap.ErrorLevel) 3"}
{"level":"info","ts":"2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800","caller":"[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:21","msg":"info logging disabled aaaaaaaaaa 4"}
{"level":"debug","ts":"2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800","caller":"[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:11","msg":"info logging disabled aaaaaaa 5"}
{"level":"error","ts":"2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800","caller":"[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:51","msg":"info logging disabled aaaaaaaaa 6"}
{"level":"warn","ts":"2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800","caller":"[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:31","msg":"info logging disabled aaaaaaaa 7"}
{"level":"error","ts":"2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800","caller":"[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:51","msg":"info logging disabled 10"}
{"level":"error","ts":"2019-11-10T23:06:59.399+0800","caller":"[email protected]/zaploggerfunc.go:51","msg":"------------------------------------ 12"}

3. how to use it

3.1 go get and import it

this repo use go module

get it

 go get github.com/tsingson/logger

import in go code

 import "github.com/tsingson/logger"

logger struct in ./zaplogger.go

// ZapLogger a wrap of uber-go/zap
type ZapLogger struct {
	debug      bool    // debut is true, send log to  STDOUT
	storeInDay bool    // storeInDay is true,  save log file day by day 
	addCaller  bool    // 
	days     int64     // max storage days
	path       string   // the path to save log file
	prefix     string   // the prefix of log file name
	Log        *zap.Logger
	logLevel zapcore.LevelEnabler  // global log level setting, default is info level

// Logger  nick name
type Logger = ZapLogger

initial the logger

simple :

    log := logger.New()
    defer log.Sync()

add options

    log := logger.New(logger.WithDebug(true ), logger.WithAddCaller())
    defer log.Sync()
    logger.SetLevel(zap.DebugLevel) // change log level in runtime

4. change log

  1. 2019/10/28 move code from project as single repo
  2. 2019/12/24 add log storage in every day and splite error log
  3. 2020/02/08 clean up for golangci-lint


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