Ticketing (REST API for booking movie tickets)

List of features

Cinema Service

  • Add Cinema (Cinema can be a hall or a multiplex)
  • Add CinemaScreen (a screen in a hall or multiplex)

Movies Service

  • Add Movies (any movie that has been released)
  • Add Movie Shows (add a show to screen from list of movies)
  • List Movie Shows (list of shows across screens and halls)

Booking Service

  • Show Movie Show seat status (show status of all bookings)
  • Book Ticket with multiple seat selection (book multiple seats in a screen show)

Running Locally using Docker

docker-compose up

access site on: http://localhost:4000/



  • Add tests for more cases
  • Add tests for helpers
  • Fix MYSQL setup in github actions
  • Add Authentication
  • Add a user type field for theatre owners
  • Add logger to each struct in services / api handlers


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