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go-actor is tiny library for writing concurrent programs in Go using actor model.


This library was published with intention to bring actor model closer to Go developers and to provide easy to understand abstractions needed to build concurrent programs.


Dive into examples to see go-actor in action.

// This program will create producer and consumer actors, where
// producer will create incremented number on every 1 second interval and
// consumer will print whaterver number it receives
func main() {
	numC := make(chan int)

	// Producer and consumer workers are created with same channel
	// so that producer worker can write directly to consumer worker
	pw := &producerWorker{outC: numC}
	cw1 := &consumerWorker{inC: numC, id: 1}
	cw2 := &consumerWorker{inC: numC, id: 2}

	// Create actors using these workers
	a := actor.Combine(

		// Note: We don't need two consumer actors, but we create them anyway
		// for the sake of demonstration since having one or more consumers
		// will produce the same result. Message on stdout will be written by
		// first consumer that reads from numC channel.

	// Finally we start all actors at once
	defer a.Stop()

	select {}

// producerWorker will produce incremented number on 1 second interval
type producerWorker struct {
	outC chan<- int
	num  int

func (w *producerWorker) DoWork(c actor.Context) actor.WorkerStatus {
	select {
	case <-time.After(time.Second):
		w.outC <- w.num

		return actor.WorkerContinue

	case <-c.Done():
		return actor.WorkerEnd

// consumerWorker will consume numbers received on inC channel
type consumerWorker struct {
	inC <-chan int

func (w *consumerWorker) DoWork(c actor.Context) actor.WorkerStatus {
	select {
	case num := <-w.inC:
		fmt.Printf("consumed %d\n", num)

		return actor.WorkerContinue

	case <-c.Done():
		return actor.WorkerEnd


All contributions are useful, whether it is a simple typo, a more complex change, or just pointing out an issue. We welcome any contribution so feel free to open PR or issue.


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