Kratos Project Template

Install Kratos

go install[email protected]

Create a service

# Create a template project
kratos new server

cd server
# Add a proto template
kratos proto add api/server/server.proto
# Generate the proto code
kratos proto client api/server/server.proto
# Generate the source code of service by proto file
kratos proto server api/server/server.proto -t internal/service

go generate ./...
go build -o ./bin/ ./...
./bin/server -conf ./configs

Generate other auxiliary files by Makefile

# Download and update dependencies
make init
# Generate API files (include: pb.go, http, grpc, validate, swagger) by proto file
make api
# Generate all files
make all

Automated Initialization (wire)

# install wire
go get

# generate wire
cd cmd/server


# build
docker build -t <your-docker-image-name> .

# run
docker run --rm -p 8000:8000 -p 9000:9000 -v </path/to/your/configs>:/data/conf <your-docker-image-name>


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