P2P Forwarder

A tool for farwarding ports. Made using libp2p.

How it works

  • A: opens desired ports ports inside P2P Forwarder
  • A: shares it's id from P2P Forwarder with B
  • B: connects to A's id inside P2P Forwarder
  • B: connect to opened ports on A's machine using address like 127.0.89.N:PORT_ON_A's_MACHINE

P.S. every edit field handles Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V. To exit the program, press Ctrl+Q

Project status

Project is on early beta stage. I recommend you to use it only for personal purposes like playing Minecraft with friends.

Current uis are cli and tui (clui).

Feel free to contribute to this project by opening an issue (it may be a question) or creating a pull request

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