Crypt: create password-protected files

Crypt is a simple tool to encrypt/decrypt files and directories and lock thembehind a password. There are three commands:


Creates a secure .crypt archive from a set of files.

$ crypt lock file.txt
lock [OPTS] FILES:  Archive and encrypt files or directories.  -o string    output crypt file name


Extracts a .crypt archive.

$ crypt unlock file.txt.crypt
unlock [OPTS] FILE:  Decrypt and extract crypt archives.  -o string    directory to place extracted files


Operates in-place on a .crypt archive. The op command lets you run anarbitrary command on the decrypted archive, available in the temporary filesystem. Once complete, the files will be re-locked, including any modificationsmade, and the temporarily decrypted files will be removed. For example, you canedit an encrypted file:

$ crypt op file.txt.crypt micro file.txt

Or open an interactive shell and view/edit the files from there:

$ crypt op file.txt.crypt bash
op FILE COMMAND:  Operate on a crypt file.


Prebuilt binary (see releases):

eget zyedidia/crypt

From source:

go install[email protected]


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