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🔥A tool for showing disk usage. (Linux, macOS and Windows)🔥


go install github.com/chenquan/[email protected]

or download.

👏how to use

$ diskusage -h
A tool for showing disk usage.

  diskusage [flags]

  -a, --all             display all directories, otherwise only display folders whose usage size is not 0
  -c, --color string    set color output mode. optional: auto, always, ignore (default "auto")
  -d, --depth int       shows the depth of the tree directory structure (default 1)
      --dir string      dir path (default "./")
  -f, --filter string   regular expression filter (default ".+")
  -h, --help            help for diskusage
  -t, --type strings    only count certain types of files  (default all)
  -u, --unit string     displayed units. optional: B(Bytes), K(KB), M(MB), G(GB), T(TB) (default "M")


  1. Only files named Doc or docx are counted: diskusage -t doc,docx or diskusage -f ".+\.(doc|docx)$"
  2. The maximum display unit is GM: diskusage -u G
  3. Supports color output to pipeline: diskusage -c always | less -R or diskusage -c always | more

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