This is a tool to get a list of image sources out of a Dockerfile.

It can also optionally run another program to add a “replace” directive to test out a feature I’m working on to replace images with a different source reference.

This tool only generates metadata that can be fed into other tools.It is based on a lot of in progress work and is only here as a placeholder.

Example Usage

$ ./dockersource --mod-prog=./ | tee Dockerfile.mod{        "sources": [                {                        "type": "docker-image",                        "ref": "",                        "replace": ""                }        ]}$ docker buildx build --build-arg .

Here we’ve told dockersource to use as a tool to handle replacements.The script uses lookup.json as a lookup table for replacements.For each ref that is found in the Dockerfile by dockersource, the is called with the found ref as the first argument. The script can return an empty string or a replacement ref.You can specify a path to a config file to use, which will be passed along to the mod-prog as an environment variable MOD_CONFIG.

The output of this is saved to Dockerfile.mod which is a special file that the syntax parser shown above will parse to handle replacements.

This also supports a built-in replacement generator.This takes a config file (passed via --mod-config) with a list of match/replace rules.The first match is used for each ref.

[        {"match": "<some matcher>", "replace": "<some value>"}]

The match field can be a regex, and the replace value can make use of capture groups from the regex.See regexp.ReplaceAllString for more details.As an example, see mod-builtin.json.


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