Scaleway CLI (v2)

Scaleway CLI is a tool to help you pilot your Scaleway infrastructure directly from your terminal.


With a Package Manager (Recommended)

A package manager allows to install and upgrade the Scaleway CLI with a single command. We recommend this installation mode for more simplicity and reliability:


Install the latest stable release on macOS using Homebrew:

brew install scw


Install the latest stable release on Archlinux via AUR.
For instance with yay:

yay -S scaleway-cli


Install the lastest stable release on Windows using Chocolatey (Package):

choco install scaleway-cli


Released Binaries

We provide static-compiled binaries for darwin (macOS), GNU/Linux, and Windows platforms.
You just have to download the binary compatible with your platform to a directory available in your PATH:

Mac OS

# Check that /usr/local/bin is in your PATH
echo $PATH

# Download the release from github
curl -o /usr/local/bin/scw -L ""

# Allow executing file as program
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/scw

# Init the CLI
scw init


# Download the release from github
sudo curl -o /usr/local/bin/scw -L ""

# Allow executing file as program
sudo chmod +x /usr/local/bin/scw

# Init the CLI
scw init


You can download the last release here:

This official guide explains how to add tools to your PATH.

Docker Image

You can use the CLI as you would run any Docker image:

docker run -i --rm scaleway/cli:v2.3.0

See more in-depth information about running the CLI in Docker here

Getting Started

Setup your configuration

After you installed the latest release just run the initialization command and let yourself be guided! :dancer:

scw init

It will set up your profile, the authentication, and the auto-completion.

Basic commands

# Create an instance server
scw instance server create type=DEV1-S image=ubuntu_focal zone=fr-par-1 tags.0="scw-cli"

# List your servers
scw instance server list

# Create a Kubernetes cluster named foo with cilium as CNI, in version 1.17.4 and with a pool named default composed of 3 DEV1-M and with 2 tags
scw k8s cluster create name=foo version=1.17.4 pools.0.size=3 pools.0.node-type=DEV1-M tags.0=tag1 tags.1=tag2