A tool to repeat OSC messages written in Go

How to use

Download the latest release, and launch the executable.

ℹ️ If you’re on macOS or Linux, it should still work native without wine, you’ll just have to compile builds yourself. ℹ️

Once you open the application, you’ll see a view like below


Here’s an explanation of each category in the program,


All of the applications to listen for repeating. Clicking a button will open an existing Application.


  • ApplicationName
    • The name of your Applications
  • ListenAddress
    • The Address of where your messages are going to be forwarded to
  • ListenPort
    • The Port to where the messages will be forwarded to
  • SendHost
    • Where to listen for incoming messages from the application
  • SAVE
    • Saves the current data to config
    • Deletes the application from config


A list of all Actions that can be done

  • Start
    • Starts all OSC components
  • Stop
    • Stops all OSC components
  • Create Application
    • Creates a new Application
  • Reload Config
    • Reloads from the config.json file

  • Status
    • Lists the current OSC status


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