gotv (Go Toolchain Version)

gotv is tool which provides a way to manage multiple versions of the official Go toolchain. It is kinda of a re-implementation of gvm but with a different command set. Each Go toolchain version is built from the Go git repository.

This tool is mainly built for me to check differeces of official Go toolchain verisons in writing Go 101 books.


A recennt Go toolchain version is needed to install gotv.

go install[email protected]


Most gotv commands are in the following format:

gotv ToolchainVersion [go-arguments...]

During running the first such a command, the Go git repository will be cloned (need several minutes to finish).

ToolchainVersion might be

  • a Go release version, such as 1.17.13, 1.18, 1.19rc1, which mean the release tag go1.17.13, go1.18, go1.19rc1, respectively, in the Go git repository.
  • :tip, which means the local latest master branch in the Go git repository.
  • :1.N, which means the local latest release-branch.go1.N branch in the Go git repository.


$ gotv 1.17.12 version
[Run]: $HOME/.cache/gotv/tag_go1.17.12/bin/go version
go version go1.17.12 linux/amd64

$ gotv 1.18.3 version
[Run]: $HOME/.cache/gotv/tag_go1.18.3/bin/go version
go version go1.18.3 linux/amd64

$ cat main.go
package main

const A = 3

func main() {
	const (
		A = A + A
	println(A, B)

$ gotv 1.17.12 run main.go
[Run]: $HOME/.cache/gotv/tag_go1.17.12/bin/go run main.go
6 6

$ gotv 1.18.3 run  main.go
[Run]: $HOME/.cache/gotv/tag_go1.18.3/bin/go run main.go
6 12

Other gotv commands:

gotv fetch-versions
gotv list-versions
gotv cache-version ToolchainVersion [ToolchainVersion ...]
gotv uncache-version ToolchainVersion [ToolchainVersion ...]
gotv pin-version ToolchainVersion
gotv unpin-version


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