A toolbox of non-trivial Contentful interactions

Contentful Commander is a golang command line utility that simplifies development and maintenance of Contentful spaces.


Build your own binary or, if you trust us install it using Homebrew:

brew install foomo/contentfulcommander/contentfulcommander


You need to be logged in to Contentful to use contentfulcommander:

  1. Install the Contentful CLI, see
  2. Log in to Contentful from a terminal with:
$ contenful login
  1. Test it

$ contentfulcommander version

Available commands

To get the list of available commands run

$ contentfulcommander help

and to get help for each specific command run

$ contentfulcommander help <command>

Currently supported commands are:

  • chidChange the Sys.ID of an entry. This creates a copy of the existing entry, respecting the publishing status. The old entry is archived
  • modeldiffCompare two content models across spaces and environments.


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