A toy project to play music (aha, mostly Noise in fact) through Prometheus metrics.

This project is inspired by prometheus_video_renderer.


  • I haven’t tuned a good way for the audio sample, so maybe you won’t hear any sound. I run the benchmark for a long time(1h+), and can hear the noise.
  • Don’t test this in the office, you may disturb your colleagues.



go build -o tiplay main.go

Start a Prometheus

Here we use tiup to start a TiDB cluster in the machine.

# Install tiup
curl --proto '=https' --tlsv1.2 -sSf https://tiup-mirrors.pingcap.com/install.sh | sh

# Start a TiDB playground, this will also start a Prometheus server
# Here we start a TiDB cluseter with 5.3 version 
tiup --tag 5.3 playground 5.3

The output may look like below:

Playground Bootstrapping...
Start pd instance
Start tikv instance
Start tidb instance
Waiting for tidb instances ready ... Done
Start tiflash instance
Waiting for tiflash instances ready ... Done
To connect TiDB: mysql --comments --host --port 4000 -u root -p (no password)
To view the dashboard:
PD client endpoints: []
To view the Prometheus:
To view the Grafana:

Run a benchmark to the TiDB, so we can query metrics from Prometheus later

Here we run a TPCC benchmark with go-tpc. We can already use this tool with tiup directly.

# Prepare the data
tiup bench tpcc --warehouses 4 prepare

# Run the benchmark
tiup bench tpcc --warehouses 4 run

Long time later…

tiplay -prom_url -track "sum(rate(tidb_executor_statement_total[1m])) by (type)"

Have a fun and please listen to the Noise!!!


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