This is a trivial bot for my girlfriend’s Discord server. It is essentially a confessional for users that is accessed via direct messages—the messages are in turn transmitted anonymously to #general. Given that it is for a close-knit group, the system for handling messages is meant to be simple and stateless, therefore:

  • Messages aren’t cached and can’t be referenced later on—it is a transport layer at best
  • There’s no built-in mechanism for moderation
  • It assumes the presence of a SINGLE server (aka guild) at most

Here’s a confession that was totally not made by me but I assume they were talking about Thor: Dark World:


How to Use

  • Go through this example app in the Discord developer docs
  • Create an app and get a token on the Discord app dashboard
  • Create a bot for the app on the dashboard
  • Plug the token into your dev environemt
  • Apply app scopes on the dashboard
  • Generate an install URL on the dashboard and use it to integrate the bot into a Discord ‘server’
  • Build and execute a project binary locally

Where to Host

Any cloud compute instance, or a platform like Heroku should, be fine. Simply ensure that the binary is built and executed on deployment. You may have to modify the Procfile to adapt it to your sequence of events.


  • DiscordGo for low-level bindings to the Discord API
  • GoDotenv for loading up local environment variables


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