Dog Watcher

A TUI to manage processes in Stardog.


dog-watcher currently supports:

  • viewing processes in Stardog
  • killing processes in Stardog



brew install noahgorstein/tap/dog-watcher

Github releases

Download the relevant asset for your operating system from the latest Github release. Unpack it, then move the binary to somewhere accessible in your PATH, e.g. mv ./dog-watcher /usr/local/bin.

Build from source

Clone this repo, build from source with cd dog-watcher && go build, then move the binary to somewhere accessible in your PATH, e.g. mv ./dog-watcher /usr/local/bin.


Run the app by running dog-watcher in a terminal. See dog-watcher --help and configuration section below for details.


Key Description
up/down move table cursor
left/right page table
/ filter table
esc clear filter
ctrl+x kill highlighted process
d/i increase/decrease refresh rate
ctrl+c exit


dog-watcher can be configured in a yaml file at $HOME/.dog-watcher.yaml.

Example yaml file:

# .dog-watcher.yaml
username: "admin"
password: "admin"
server: "http://localhost:5820"

Alternatively, dog-watcher can be configured via environment variables, or via command line args visible by running dog-watcher --help.

Command line args take precedence over both the configuation file and environment variables. Environment variables take precedence over the configuration file.

dog-watcher will attempt to authenticate using the default superuser admin with password admin on http://localhost:5820 if no credentials are provided.

Environment Variables

Environment Variable Description
DOG_WATCHER_SERVER Stardog server to connect to

Built With


  • 🚧 this project is under active development and is relatively unstable. Please file an issue if you see a bug or have suggestions on how to improve the app.


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