Twitter Joker Bot


This is a Twitter Bot that Tweets Jokes. By default it only set to tweet coding jokes, but you can change it to anything.

To do that, you need to make changes to the jokes.go file. Refer JokeAPI Documentation


  1. Sign up for a Twitter Developer Account and Create an App.

  2. Make sure to setup Elevated Access to and enable Read and Write permissions.

  3. Required External Packages:

  4. To Install External Packages, run:

go get -u <Package Name>


go get -u

  1. Set your Twitter API Keys as Environment Variables.

export CONKEY=<Your Consumer Key>

export CONSEC=<Your Consumer Secret Key>

export ACTO=<Your Access Key>

export ACTOSEC=<Your Access Secret Key>
  1. To run the code, run:

go run .


Love to have your Contribution!


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