package main

For subsequent robotics projects, the readme file is used to provide explanations.

What is README?

A README file is a file that provides information about other files or software that is distributed with it. The name of this file is taken from the phrase Read me (meaning read me) and is often placed inside the main directory (or root) of the product.

How to write README? (Project Description) Most of us programmers work with github. To manage and develop open source projects, participate in other projects and …. But one of the most basic components of any project is writing a file. This file is the main description of our project. This file is significantly different from files in another format (eg word), github does not have a tool for bold or italics. And styling work is done with the special syntax of this file! The language of this file is Markdown Markup Language! And the syntax of this language is very simple.

Italic is the skew of the writings.

When creating a new repository, be sure to check the Add a README file section.

In computer science, configuration means setting up a set of functions in such a way that the software or hardware installed on the computer performs the desired function.


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