A universal JSON merge library for Go.


go get github.com/qjebbs/go-jsons


a := []byte(`{"a":1}`)
b := []byte(`{"b":[1]}`)
c := []byte(`{"b":[2]}`)
got, err := jsons.Merge(a, b, c) // got = []byte(`{"a":1,"b":[1,2]}`)

Accepted Input

  • []byte: content of a file
  • string: path to a file, either local or remote
  • []string: a list of files, either local or remote
  • io.Reader: a file content reader

Merge Rules

The merge logic is intuitive and easy to understand:

  • Simple values (string, number, boolean) are overwritten, others (array, object) are merged.

To work with complex files and contents, especially when the order of fields of output matters, we can add _tag and _priority fields to apply more merge rules:

  • Elements with same _tag in an array will be merged.
  • Elements in an array will be sorted by _priority field, the smaller the higher priority.

Suppose we have 2 JSON files:


  "log": {"level": "debug"},
  "inbounds": [{"tag": "in-1"}],
  "outbounds": [{"_priority": 100, "tag": "out-1"}],
  "route": {"rules": [


  "log": {"level": "error"},
  "outbounds": [{"_priority": -100, "tag": "out-2"}],
  "route": {"rules": [


  // level field is overwritten by the latter value
  "log": {"level": "error"},
  "inbounds": [{"tag": "in-1"}],
  "outbounds": [
    // Although out-2 is a latecomer, but it's in 
    // the front due to the smaller "_priority"
    {"tag": "out-2"},
    {"tag": "out-1"}
  "route": {"rules": [
    // 2 rules are merged into one due to the same "_tag",
    // outbound field is overwritten during the merging

Other Formats Support

go-jsons supports only JSON, but it allows you to extend it to support other formats easily.

For example, to support merge from YAML files to JSON:

package main

import (


func main() {
	const FormatYAML jsons.Format = "yaml"
		[]string{".yaml", ".yml"},
		func(b []byte) (map[string]interface{}, error) {
			m1 := make(map[interface{}]interface{})
			err := yaml.Unmarshal(b, &m1)
			if err != nil {
				return nil, err
			m2 := merge.Convert(m1)
			return m2, nil
	a := []byte(`a: 1`)
	b := []byte(`b: 1`)
	got, err := jsons.Merge(a, b)
	if err != nil {
	fmt.Println(string(got)) // {"a":1,"b":1}


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