Web Terminal

A (unsafe) technical demo to export a shell to web browser.

This program is written in the go programming language, using the
Gin web framework, gorilla/websocket, pty, and xterm.js!
The workflow is simple, the client will initiate a terminal
window (xterm.js) and create a websocket with the server. On
the server side, it serves the basic HTML/JS/CSS files and
websockets (by shovling the data between pty and xterm).

It is amazing what you can do with less than 200 lines of go code.

It is just a simple demo in case some people are interested in
how to setup xterm.js with websocket.


Do NOT run this in an untrusted network. You will expose your
shell to anyone that can access your network and Do NOT leave
the server running.

Here is a screenshot:


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