Golang URL Shortener

Just a fun way to practice Go.

Setup Instructions

cat /usr/share/dict/words > wordlist.txt
go run main.go


# Shorten a URL
curl -X POST -d "https://tutorialinux.com" localhost:8080/shorten

# Resolve a shortened URL
curl http://localhost:8080/url/silverberry-foppy-betocsin-underfrock


  • actually, make /url/ do a redirect
  • environment var: pass in the wordlist path
  • environment var: shortened URL wordlength (right now it’s 5)
  • database: optionally make persistent? Use Redis? Maybe like ./myapp –redis=redis.local:6379 cues the application into the fact that we want to use redis for persistent storage, and not our little baby in-memory map DB.
  • environment var: Log level (DEBUG, ERR). Maybe something fancy like zap?
    • Existing loglines should be categorized into those log levels

Deduping or Dupe-Avoidance:

  • we could avoid dupes FAST (at the expense of space) with a second map that does the reverse association ({origURL:shortenedURL}). Every storage operation could then check to see if there’s already a shortened URL cached. Cost: 2n space, not terrible, maybe kinda bad in practice.

  • HOWEVER we could cheat: if we only store {origURL:shortenedURL} (which would cause lookups to be slow – O(n)), then we could cache those slow lookups aggressively via the webserver/CDN fronting the app and not worry about it. A cache warming step in a separate goroutine could be a super hilarious/gross hacky way of doing this. It’s sick, really, but it could work as a cheat to get Theta(1)-like time without using twice the space.


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