A utility tool that assists in creating multi-threaded account checkers.


First you’d want to make a checker instance

checker := checkerutil.MakeChecker()

Then you can use the methods in that like so:

checker.ConfigureConsoleTitle(true, 1*time.Second, "Made by postuwu#0123 | CPM {CPM} | {ID:good}/{ID:bad} | Checked {ID:}")
checker.Input("good", "[email protected]:lol")
checker.Input("bad", "[email protected]:lol")

Now, although most of the time you can let the .Input function take care of any usage of the *checker.AddOutput function, you can use that function youself like so:

checker.AddOutput("good", "good.txt" /*will still persist the Dir*/, 1 * time.Second)
checker.AddOutput("bad", "bad.txt" /*will still persist the Dir*/, 1 * time.Second)

You can also use the combo loader like this:

// Initilize the loader via either of these two functions
combo, err := checkerutil.LoadCombo("combo.txt", "\n")
combo, err := checkerutil.LoadCombosFromDir("./combos/", "\n")

// You can then recieve accounts using the *Combo.ComboChan like this
acc := combo.GetCombo()

You can also use the proxy loader like this:

proxies, err := checkerutil.LoadProxies("proxy.txt", "\n", "https://")

// you can then get one proxy at a time like this
proxy := proxies.GetProxy()


If you have any suggestions, make an issue or pull request. I prefer issues because pull requests are kindof inconvenient, would rather just code it myself.


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