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The vpp utility is small. It’s designed to accept up to 2 CLI arguments but only 1 is required. The first argument is responsible for what the CURRENT VERSION is of your project and when you run vpp CURRENT_VERSION the STDOUT will be the next PATCH release. Otherwise, if the next intended release is a major release, then run vpp CURRENT_VERSION major.


This package is intended to be installed on your system and should be accessible via your path.

go install github.com/andreimerlescu/vpp@latest


Ensure the vpp package is in your path before using.

./vpp VERSION [bumpType]
         ^        ^ 
         |        |
         |        --- acceptable values "major", "minor" or "patch" (default)
         ------------- the CURRENT version that you wish to bump
Acceptable Format Example Value Command Output
Major 1 vpp 1 1.0.1
Major.Minor 1.1 vpp 1.1 1.1.1
Major.Minor.Patch 1.1.1 vpp 1.1.1 1.1.2


This project uses the MIT License.


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