As a true Blockchain enthusiast, I had to learn Solidity and Golang to participate to several projects. This repository consists of a very simple Golang server handling basic GET and POST requests.


  1. Run the server : go run server.go
  2. Going to http://localhost:8080/ should lead you to index.html
  3. Going to http://localhost:8080/hello should display “Hello!”
  • Try curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/hello & curl -X POST http://localhost:8080/hell to see the two error paths
  1. Going to http://localhost:8080/form.html should lead you to form.html
  • Complete the form and then submit, it should lead to http://localhost:8080/form with the correct successful message.
  1. Going to http://localhost:8080/sortArrayForm.html should lead you to sortArrayForm.html
  • Completing the form with coma separated numbers output a sorted array.


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