A (very) WIP Go 1.18+ generic dependency injection package based on type reflection. Because this package is in a very early development state, you need to expect breaking API changes.


Below, you can see a very simplified demonstration on how this package works. If you want to see a more comprehensive example, please take a look at the examples listed.

type Service1 interface {}

type Service2 interface {}

type service1Impl struct {
    S2 Service2

type service2Impl struct {
    S1 Service1

func main() {
    c := di.NewContainer()

    di.MustRegister[Service1, service1Impl](c)
    di.MustRegister[Service2, service2Impl](c)

    s1 := di.MustGet[Service1](c)


There are some severe limitations with this package.

  • To set fields automatically via the injection system, they must be exported. All unexported fields are ignored.
  • Currently, only interface fields can be automatically assigned to instances of registered services.
  • Currently, there are only singleton instances because of simplicity.


Here, you can see some implementation ideas which will be implemented in the upcoming time into this package.

  • Register dependencies directly via instance
  • Register dependencies via builder functions
  • Add disposal functions which will be called when the container is getting disposed.
  • Add transistent service registration.


The goal of this package is to replace the current DI system in my project shinpuru which currently depends on suralabs/di.


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