A web application boilerplate built with go and clean architecture.
Most of this application built by standard libray.


Get Started

cp app/.env_example app/.env
docker-compose build
docker-compose up

After running docker, you need to execute sql files in app/database/sql.


├── database
│   ├── migrations
│   │   └── schema.sql
│   └── seeds
│       └── faker.sql
├── domain
│   ├── post.go
│   └── user.go
├── infrastructure
│   ├── env.go
│   ├── logger.go
│   ├── router.go
│   └── sqlhandler.go
├── interfaces
│   ├── post_controller.go
│   ├── post_repository.go
│   ├── sqlhandler.go
│   ├── user_controller.go
│   └── user_repository.go
├── log
│   ├── access.log
│   └── error.log
├── main.go
└── usecases
    ├── logger.go
    ├── post_interactor.go
    ├── post_repository.go
    ├── user_interactor.go
    └── user_repository.go

8 directories, 22 files
Layer Directory
Frameworks & Drivers infrastructure
Interface interfaces
Usecases usecases
Entities domain


ENDPOINT HTTP Method Parameters
/users GET
/user GET ?id=[int]
/posts GET
/post POST
/post DELETE ?id=[int]

Controller method naming rule

Controller Method HTTP Method Description
Index GET Display a listing of the resource
Store POST Store a newly created resource in storage
Show GET Display the specified resource
Update PUT/PATCH Update the specified resource in storage
Destroy DELETE Remove the specified resource from storage

Repository method naming rule

Repository Method Description
FindByXX Returns the entity identified by the given XX
FindAll Returns all entities
Save Saves the given entity
SaveByXX Saves the given entity identified by the given XX
DeleteByXX Deletes the entity identified by the given XX
Count Returns the number of entities
ExistsBy Indicates whether an entity with the given ID exists

cf. Spring Data JPA – Reference Documentation


I have no tests because of my laziness, but I will prepare tests in github – gobel-api which is a my more practical clean architecture application with golang.



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