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A website builder, useful for writing data collection webapps quickly.

Project Design

  1. The method in use here is to mix it with complicated forms. This provides the
    benefits of one installation ( reducing server maintenance works) and also using
    one authentication system to log on to the system (comfort).

  2. Document Structures (Forms) are not provided with the installation so as to create only what
    one needs. Also it is impossible to get good forms for every use case for there are differences between
    similar organizations.

  3. There is a list of document structures which are accessible to the administrator only.
    To list document structures to the users you would need to write a custom page.
    Reasons for this design are:

    • It makes the list of page very configurable. One could achieve dropdowns, menus on the top, menus on
      the side. With these menus pointing to document structure links.

    • Document Structures pages can be grouped with pages not created with this framework.

Projects Used


Users Table Setup

Note that user creation and updating is not part of this project. You as the administrator is to provide this. This is to
ensure that you can use any form of authentication you want eg. social auth (Facebook, google, twitter), passwords,
fingerprint, keys etc.

Create a users table with the following properties:

  1. it must also have fields firstname and surname for easy recognition.
  2. it must also have field email for communications.
  3. it must also have field timezone for datetime data. Example value is ‘Africa/Lagos’

You must also provide a function that would get the currently logged in users. The function is given the request object
to get the cookies for its purpose. Set the forms814.GetCurrentUser to this function. The function has the following
declaration func(r *http.Request) (int64, error).

The forms814.GetCurrentUser should return 0 for public.

Sample User Table Template (please only add to the fields, don’t delete any of the fields in the template)

table: users
  firstname string required
  surname string required
  email email required unique
  timezone string


Get the framework through the following command go get -u

There is a sample application which details how to complete the setup. Take a look at it here

Copy the folder f8_files from the main repo into the same path as your main.go.

Make sure you look at main.go in the sample app, copy and edit it to your own preferences.

Go to /f8/setup to create some tables that the project would need.

Then go to /f8/page to start using this project.

Files Setup

Read this for how to setup a service account
to use in communicating with google cloud storage.

You would need to create a bucket on google cloud storage for all your files in a forms814 installation. Then
set the name of the bucket to forms814.BucketName.

Setting up Role Permissions for a Document Structure.

Go to /roles-view/ to create some roles for the project.

Go to /users-to-roles-list/ to update the users’ roles.

To set up permissions for a document structure, go to /view-document-structure/{document-structure-full-name}/
you would see the links to do so in this page.

Listing of Document Structure Links in your Web App

You would need to call forms814.DoesCurrentUserHavePerm to check if the current user have read permission
to the document structure before listing it. This would ensure a clean interface with the user
seeing only what he uses.

forms814.DoesCurrentUserHavePerm has the following definition:
func(r *http.Request, documentStructure string, permission string) (bool, error)

The permissions to test for is read.

The link to display to the user is of the form /list/{documentStructure}/. Replace {documentStructure} with
the name of the document structure.

Creating Inspectors

Inspectors are users who have read access to all the documents in an installation.

To add a user as inspector add his/her id to forms814.Inspectors

Theming Your Project

The sample project has no design. To make it beautiful make a template from this template :f8_files/bad-base.html
. Save it to your project and then point your version to forms814.BaseTemplate.

Also if you want to add dynamic contents to any forms814 page, please use JavaScript.
First check the address of the page window.location before adding it.

Adding Extra Code to Your Project

Extra code does things like document validation, after save actions like sending emails, updating read only values.


  • Go to /view-document-structure/{document-structure}/ where document-structure is changed to
    the name of a document structure that you created.

  • You would see the ID of the document structure.

  • forms814.ExtraCode has the following definitions:

    type ExtraCode struct {
      ValidationFn func(postForm url.Values) string
      AfterCreateFn func(id int64)
      AfterUpdateFn func(id int64)
      BeforeDeleteFn func(id int64)
      CanCreateFn func() string

    For ValidationFn take a look at url.Values description

  • Create a type forms814.ExtraCode and add it to the forms814.ExtraCodeMap in your main function with
    the ID of the document structure as the key. Example is :

    validateProfile := func(postForm url.Values) string{
      if postForm.Get("email") == "[email protected]" {
        return "not valid."
      return ""
    forms814.ExtraCodeMap[1] = forms814.ExtraCode{ValidationFn: validateProfile}
  • For ValidationFn and CanCreateFn whenever it returns a string it would be taken as an error and printed to the user.
    If it doesn’t then there is no error.

  • Other functions under ExtraCode do not print to screen.

  • For AfterCreateFn, AfterUpdateFn and BeforeDeleteFn you would need to do an SQL query to get the document data.


How do I send mail after saving a document in Forms814.

Use ExtraCode.

There is no inbuilt mail function so as to give a lot of choices in terms of email provider
and the design of the email itself.

When is X Database Support Coming

I don’t intend to support more than one database so has to make the work cheaper.

When is X Cloud Support Comming

I don’t intend to support more than one cloud.


Released with the MIT License


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