Github Telegram Notify

Actions that sends commit updates of a repository to any chat in Telegram



A Telegram Bot Token is required for using the Telegram bot from which the commit updates are being send.

Obtaining a Telegram Bot Token

  • Goto @BotFather
  • After sending /start command, send /newbot
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and at the end, you’ll obtain a bot token.


Obtaining Chat ID of a group

  • Go to the group of your choice
  • Add @MissRose_bot
  • Type the command /id and send it to the group.

How to use

Add the following lines of code in your YML file.

  - name: Notify the commit on Telegram
    uses: EverythingSuckz/[email protected]
      bot_token: '${{ secrets.BOT_TOKEN }}'
      chat_id: '${{ secrets.CHAT_ID }}'


Feel free to open a PR in case of any minor fix and please open an issue first for major changes.


mit Licensed under MIT License


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