advent of code discord intergration


  1. Ensure you have Go 1.17 or newer installed
  2. Run go mod download
  3. Copy .env.dist to .env and populate it’s contents
    • ELF_DISCORD_TOKEN: Discord token for the bot user to run as
    • ELF_ADVENT_OF_CODE_SESSION: Advent of Code session cookie for the bot user
  4. Run go run ./cmd/elf

Manually Registering Guilds

If you are developing (or if the onboarding process still doesn’t exist as of you reading this), it is helpful to manually insert a testing guild into the database. This can be done with the testdata tool included.


go run ./cmd/testdata --channel-id 909857762064871444 --guild-id 514110851016556567 --leaderboard-code 1111111-11111111 --leaderboard-id 0000001


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