ATP – Aegis to KeePass

A simple tool to convert exported (and encrypted) Aegis database to standalone KeePass. Notes, custom icons and Steam entries get exported as well.


go install[email protected] or grab a binary from Releases page


atk /path/to/aegis-export.json /path/to/output.kdbx

You will be asked to enter the password that was used to encrypt the Aegis vault. The same password will be used for resulting KDBX database.


  • This tool does not support changing existing databases, atk creates a separate clean database for your TOTP codes. You should not store TOTP secrets in the same database as your passwords anyway, since this removes all the benifits of having a second factor in the first place.
  • This tool also does not accept unencrypted Aegis JSON files (yet, at least) as input


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