Transforms nmap XML into intermediate JSON and generates a basic network plan in the DrawIO XML format.


Just run

go install[email protected]

By default the binary will be installed to $GOPATH/bin (which you could add to your $PATH).

export PATH=$PATH:$GOROOT/bin:$GOPATH/bin


Building the model

You can execute nplan multiple times with different nmap .xml files and scan6 .txt files. The tool will initially create a .json model file that is gradually updated with the new data from each execution.

$ nplan -nmap scan1.xml
$ nplan -nmap scan2.xml -scan6 scan6.txt
$ nplan -nmap scan3.xml

You can generate a .drawio file when you gathered enough data with

$ nplan -export

CLI Options

$ nplan -h
Usage of nplan:
  -nmap string
    	Set the path to the nmap input .xml file.
  -scan6 string
    	Set the path to the scan6 input .txt file. For this to take effect the current model should already include MAC addresses.
    	Export the current model to a .drawio file.
  -json string
    	Set the path where to store the .json model file. (default "./dist/model.json")
  -drawio string
    	Set the path were to store the exported .drawio file. (default "./dist/plan.drawio")
    	Delete the previous .json model and build a new one. Use with caution.


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