The best project templater

go-templater lets you use any project template you want and replace the variables with values from the config.yaml file.

  • put your variables in the config.yaml file. key:value format.
  • Run and follow instructions.
  • ✨Magic ✨


  • Runs on all operating systems. For windows you will need a bash file to run the build.sh or you manually build it with go cli by following the commands one by one from the build.sh.
  • Extremely Fast


Say you have a project template that you use alot and you dont want to manually add the boilerplate code yourself.

Open config.yaml and add your variable keys for example.

key: value

Then in what ever project path you specify this program will replace anything it sees in the file extensions you allow it to edit. So if it sees ${{key}} it will replace it with value.

git clone https://github.com/lizardcoder9999/go-templater.git
cd go-templater

Note: on macos you may need to change chmod permissions of build.sh file


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