🧑‍🍳 GoCook

An alternative frontend to Chefkoch with a focus on privacy. Static CSS and HTML only. Built with Go and Bulma.

What is this?

This is an alternative frontend to Chefkoch. The generated sites are static, i.e. containing no JavaScript that runs on the client side.

Currently, only the API traffic is proxied through the server. All CDN requests needed to get images are made locally by the browser. Moreover, Bulma and Materialdesign icons are requested using a CDN.

However, these dependencies will be packaged directly in the future. Also the CDN requests to display images will be moved to the server to ensure a maximum of privacy.

Build and Deployment

The easiest way to deploy this service is the standalone docker image. Alternatively, building the application from source is possible too.


The docker image is available at docker hub in the repository [noumlautsallowed/gocook] (https://hub.docker.com/r/noumlautsallowed/gocook).

Publish the port 8080 of the container locally:

docker run -d --name gocook -p noumlautsallowed/gocook:latest

Build from source

If you want to build this project from source, checkout the repository locally and run the server.

Currently, only Go needs to be installed.

git clone [email protected]:NoUmlautsAllowed/gocook.git && cd gocook
go run ./cmd/server


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