• This POC is based on github.com/go-redis/redis_rate/v9 package for rate limiting, which internally implements Leaky Bucket rate algorithm.

  • This package relies on a Redis instance for persisting rate limiting specific information. This POC assumes that there is a Redis instance running on your machine at PORT=6379.

  • This POC demonstrates both middleware based and standalone function based implementations for rate limiting.

  • There are 3 endpoints being served from the server:

Endpoint 1

  • POST /auth – This POST endpoint is a simulation of an authentication endpoint where user will provide their Identification Type(passport/nationalid/taxid) and the value of that identification in the request body as JSON.

      Success response also writes a cookie on the client named - `session_id` which has a `MaxAge` of 60 secs.


        "type": "passport",
        "value": "XXXXXXX"

Response 1 - Success

Authentication successful

Response 1 - Exceeded Rate Limit quota

Too Many Requests

Endpoint 2

  • GET /otp – This GET endpoint is a simulation of when we identified customer in Nana database and now we need to send an OTP for them to validate.
    This API requires session_id cookie to be present on client, hence /auth endpoint needs to be invoked first

Response 1 - Success 200 OK

Here is your new OTP: <new/existing otp>

Response 2 - 400 Bad Request

no session_id cookie received

Response 3 - 429 Too many requests

Too Many Requests


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