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This is an open source Discord bot mainly developed by Lazy Bytez. If you want to take part in the development of the bot please check out the Contributing section.

Open source doesn’t mean everyone can do whatever they want with the bot so there is a strict LICENSE we want you to respect.

Getting started


  1. Go 1.18
  2. Git

Create .env

cp .env.example .env

If you want to test, always insert the Token of your TestBot in the .env, because this file won’t be committed to git.

Install dependencies

go get

Compile and run (for development usage)

go run .

Build binary (for production usage)

go build .


If you want to take part in contribution, like fixing issues and contributing directly to the code base, please visit the How to Contribute document.

Commit messages

Construct of a commit message:

prefix(scope): commit subject with max 50 chars

Example commit message:

feat(comp): add ping slash command


Project specific scopes and what to use them for.

'deps', // Changes done on anything dependency related
'devops', // Changes done on technical processes
'api', // Changes in /api/ directory
'comp', // Changes in /component/ directory
'int', // Changes in /internal/ directory
'core' // Changes on files in project root


Also see

'feat', // Some new feature that has been added
'fix', // Some fixes to an existing feature
'build', // Some change on how the project is built
'chore', // Some change that just has to be done (like updating dependencies)
'ci', // Some changes to the continues integration workflows
'docs', // Some changes to documentation located in the repo (either markdown files or code DocBlocks)
'perf', // Some performance improvements
'refactor', // Some code changes, that neither adds functionality or fixes a bug
'revert', // Some changes that revert already done changes
'style', // Some fixes regarding code style
'test', // Some automated tests that have been added

Recommended IDEs

Useful links

LicenseContributingCode of conductIssuesPull requests

Copyright (c) Lazy Bytez. All rights reserved | Licensed under the AGPL-3.0 license.


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