This is an alternate implementation of the resumake.io engine. The awesome-cv template is a nearly identical direct port of their base template.


You will need the appropriate tools to convert LaTeX to your desired format. texlive is what is tested and is generally avaliable on most linux distributions. pandoc can target multiple output formats, but is untested.


There are currently two very similar templates:

  • awesome-cv
  • packed-cv

Templates are just go templates that render the parts of the resume in LaTeX. PRs will be accepted for new templates that can render correctly with texlive to pdf.


  1. provide a valid resume.json file: https://jsonresume.org/schema/
  2. compile your file to LaTex: goresumake -input resume.json -template packed-cv -latex resume.tex
  3. compile your LaTex file to your output format of preference: a. PDF -> pdflatex resume.tex b. Docx -> pandoc resume.tex resume.docx c: htmk -> pandoc resume.tex resume.html


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