Make an API to fetch latest videos sorted in reverse chronological order of their publishing date-time from YouTube for a given tag/search query in a paginated response.

Tech Stack

  1. Golang (Gin)
  2. MongoDB


  1. / Returns list of videos paginated with 5 items per page.

    Eg: localhost:5001/?page=1

  2. /search Returns list of videos with partially or completely match the given search query parameter, paginated with 5 items per page.

    Eg: localhost:5001/search?page=1&search=ronaldo

Response Format

{ "success": boolean, "videos": []string }


  • The server spawns a go routine which gets videos metadata (with predefined query, “football” in our case) from youtube every 10seconds.

  • User can supply multiple API keys, first valid API key in the list will be used everytime a request is made.

  • Search query matches with objects with partially or completely matching title or description. The search is case insensitive.


This server uses MongoDB. To handle search queries, we have 2 text indexes (compound index) on title and description fields.

Config file

Create a config.yaml at the root path with the following template:

MONGO_URI: mongo_uri_here
    - api_key_from_google1
    - api_key_from_google2
    - api_key_from_google3

Running the server

  1. make run will start the server locally on port 5001. or
  2. docker build . -t youtubeapi && docker run -p 5001:5001 youtubeapi will start a docker container on port 5001.


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