An API to give random facts about space


Download the repository by cloning it locally using command: git clone


The API can be run by building the binary with go build api.go or running it on a Docker container. It runs on the port specified by the env variable PORT. On requesting the endpoint, it returns a JSON object of the form:

	data: [array of facts as strings],
	count: number of jokes as int,
	status: status of response returned as int,

Get a response from the API from the /api/fact endpoint, which also accepts a count parameter for getting more than one fact at a time. For example: /api/fact?count=5 will return an array of 5 facts in the data parameter of response.

Adding facts

For adding more facts, go to the data/facts.go file and add them to the Facts slice.


Run the API as a Docker container by running the command docker build .. Also, the container can be pulled from Docker Hub by running docker pull varuuntiwari/galactic-facts. Make sure that Docker is installed on the system and the container is run with a PORT variable assigned, failing which the app will panic with an error message.


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