? Weather-Cli

An app made to get weather information through the terminal


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Features ?

  • Can show
    • Population
    • Latitude
    • Longitude
    • Weather
      • Temperature
      • Humidity
      • Wind Speed
      • Wind Direction
      • Weather Conditions
      • Feels Like Temperature (Apparent temperature based on a combination of factors e.g. humidity, wind speed, solar radiation, wind chill and air pressure)
      • Surface Pressure
  • Raw JSON output

Building ?

go build
  • The executable will be located in the same directory you ran the command from

Usage ?

  • Example 1:

./weather-cli Tokyo
Searching for city Tokyo...

City/Country: Tokyo/Japan
Latitude: 35.689500
Longitude: 139.691710
Timezone: Asia/Tokyo
Population: 8,336,599 (8.336599e+06)

Weather Info:
        Temperature: 27.4°
        Wind Direction: 192°
        Wind Speed: 15.5 Km/h
        Weather Condition: Overcast
        Humidity: 85.91%
        Real Feel: 78.0°
        Surface Pressure: 1051.16 hPa
  • Example 2:

./weather-cli Tokyo --raw
(Prints the same data but in JSON)

Acknowledgments and FAQ ?

API used : Open-Meteo

Questions ⁉️

If yall have any questions or just wanna talk, add me on Discord or use my username Rayr#6401 (this might change so it’s better to just use the link)


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