Layotto (L8):To be the next layer of OSI layer 7

Layotto is an application runtime developed using Golang, which provides various distributed capabilities for applications, such as state management, configuration management, and event pub/sub capabilities to simplify application development.

Layotto uses the open source MOSN as the base, in addition to providing distributed capabilities, it also provides Service Mesh's ability to control traffic.


  • Service Communication
  • Service Governance.Such as traffic hijacking and observation, service rate limiting, etc
  • Configuration management
  • State management
  • Event publish and subscribe
  • Health check, query runtime metadata
  • Multilingual programming based on WASM

Project Architecture

As shown in the architecture diagram below, Layotto uses the open source MOSN as the base to provide network layer management capabilities while providing distributed capabilities. The business logic can directly interact with Layotto through a lightweight SDK without paying attention to the specific back-end infrastructure.

Layotto provides sdk in various languages. The sdk interacts with Layotto through grpc. Application developers only need to specify their own infrastructure type through the configuration file configure file provided by Layotto. No coding changes are required, which greatly improves the portability of the program.