An easy way to convert some structs into some simple CRUD Cypher queries.

You can build the complex stuff by hand, this isn’t a real query builder


Given a struct

type User struct {
	ID    string `json:"id"`
	Name  string `json:"name"`
	Email string `json:"email"`

You can use khadijah to generate MATCH CREATE or DELETE Cypher queries like this:

func main() {
	mark := User{
		ID:    "someID",
		Name:  "emehrkay",
		Email: "[email protected]",
	instance := khadijah.New()
	label := "User"
	create := instance.CreateNode(mark, &label, true) // if nil is paseed in for label, the entity's Name is used

	fmt.Printf(`%+v`, create)

All actions will return a Maxine instance:

	Query:CREATE (flava:User {id: $id, name: $name, email: $email}) RETURN flava = $id, = $name, = $email 
	CreateQuery:{id: $id, name: $name, email: $email} 
		email:[email protected] 

Create Node while removing fields

create := instance.CreateNode(mark, nil, true, "id", "email")

// CREATE (flava:User {name: $name}) RETURN flava

Update Node

update := instance.UpdateNode(mark, &label, true, "id")

// MERGE (flava:User {id: $id}) SET = $name, = $email RETURN flava

Detach Delete Node

delete := instance.DetachDeleteNode(mark)

// MATCH (flava {id: $id}) DETACH DELETE flava

these functions are abstracted from a base version which offer more control. Look at the souce

Extra Recipes

You can set various attributes when you make an instance of Khadijah. Say you wanted to use a custom tag and not json:

type User struct {
	ID    string `myCoolTag:"id"`
	Name  string `myCoolTag:"name"`
	Email string `myCoolTag:"email"`

func main() {
	mark := User{
		ID:    "someID",
		Name:  "emehrkay",
		Email: "[email protected]",
	instance := khadijah.New(
	// works the same as above, but using the myCoolTag values for the properties


  1. What’s with the naming?
  • Have you seen Living Single? If not, stop reading and go watch it. Khadijah runs Flava magazine. She is the main character and everything flows through her. Synclaire, her cousin and assistant, is quirky and quietly handles things. She is reponsible for connections. Regine is their roommate who is constantly dating, that’s why she is in charge of single node augmentations. Maxine is their boisterous, shoot-from-the-hip neighbor lawer and is in charge of interrogating entities. Overton is the handyman in the building that they live in and is reponsible for utilty functionality. Kyle is fancy and doesnt have a role in this lib, yet. Im thinking some sort of pretty printer in a future release.
  1. Where are the docs?
  • I’ll put together something soon. Hopefully the interface is simple enough to grok becuase this doesn’t really do too much. Just start with khadijah and work your way out.
  1. Go version support?
  • I don’t know. I didn’t use any or any generics because those features arent really necessary and not everyone has 1.18+
  1. Why?
  • I’m lazy and I wrote a couple of string queries and decided to abstract it to a function. Then I said “this could be a lib,” and now we’re here.
  1. Do these queries work?
  • ­čśČ I don’t know. I haven’t tested them all. They should though. They should.




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