Little Bigtable

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A local emulator for Cloud Bigtable with persistance to a sqlite3 backend.

The Cloud SDK provided cbtemulator is in-memory and does not support persistance which limits it’s applicability. This project is a fork of cbtemulator from google-cloud-go/bigtable/bttest

cbtemulator “little” Bigtable Bigtable
Storage In-Memory sqlite3 Distributed GFS
Type Emulator Emulator Managed Production Datastore
Scaling Single process Single process Scalable multi-node backend
GC async GC per-row GC at read time


Usage of ./little_bigtable:
  -db-file string
      path to data file (default "little_bigtable.db")
  -host string
      the address to bind to on the local machine (default "localhost")
  -port int
      the port number to bind to on the local machine (default 9000)
      show version

In the environment for your application, set the BIGTABLE_EMULATOR_HOST environment variable to the host and port where little_bigtable is running. This environment variable is automatically detected by the Bigtable SDK or the cbt CLI. For example:

$ ./run_my_app


Some filters are not implemented or have partial support. See cbtemulator docs